Why do our teeth need fluoride?

Every day, your teeth’s outer layer (enamel) is exposed to bacteria and acids from the fluids and foods that you consume, causing your teeth to shed off minerals. Minerals lost are then replaced by minerals found in the same fluids and foods that you take in. This cycle of demineralization and mineralization makes your teeth stronger and less vulnerable to tooth decay.

Among the minerals that are redeposited in the tooth’s enamel is fluoride. Fluoride can be found abundantly in water and in some foods, such as grape juice, spinach, tomato products, orange juice, carrots, and prunes. Fluoride ‘mineralizes’ the tooth’s enamel, which helps protect against acid attacks. Children 6 years old or younger need to eat fluoride-rich foods to incorporate the mineral in their incoming permanent teeth. This would make their teeth more resistant to acids as they grow older.

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