Senior dental tips

For adults over 60, some extra precautions are necessary for maintaining a healthy smile in addition to brushing and flossing. Here are four simple tips that can help keep you maintain good oral health:

  1. Denture care is an important aspect of senior dental health. Only use denture cleaner (not toothpaste or other cleaners) once a day to remove bacteria.
  2. Visit the dentist at least once a year instead of only when you are in pain. As people age, they become less sensitive to tooth pain. Catching issues like oral cancer in its early stages allows for easier treatment and an increased likelihood of recovery.
  3. Make sure your drinking water contains fluoride, as it aids in the prevention of cavities. Your tap water most likely contains fluoride, but not all bottled water does so be sure to check the label.
  4. If you are a smoker, try to quit this bad habit. Smoking can cause tooth decay, oral cancer, and other disastrous medical issues in your mouth.

If you have not scheduled your yearly visit, contact Dr. Sid K. Steadman DDS in Leander, TX at (512) 259-3365.