Restore your beautiful smile with tooth bonding

Do you feel like you always need to flash a restrained half-smile every time you’re in a crowd? Maybe you are too hesitant to show everyone your true smile because of a chipped or stained tooth. If you are worrying about having to pay too much to bring back your natural smile, there are plenty of ways to restore the former glory of your teeth without having to blow your budget. Among these is a very economical, yet effective process called tooth bonding.

Dental bonding refers to the process by which a dentist applies a tooth-colored resin to a tooth to fix broken tooth or to cover tooth stains. As the composite material bonds to the surface of the tooth, it is sculpted and polished to be cosmetically appealing. Each tooth would take approximately 30 minutes to finish, so scheduling a series of visits to your dentist may be necessary if you plan to bond multiple teeth.

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