How to lengthen the lifespan of dental veneers

Dental veneers are perfect for people who want to restore the physical appearance of their teeth. It is made of a thin porcelain material that covers decay, stains, or an uneven bite. Although veneers are made of cemented dental materials, they are also prone to damages if you do not know how to properly take care of them. Here are some ways to maintain your dental veneers:

• Observe good oral hygiene – Brush at least twice a day to avoid stains that might sit in the corners your teeth. Visiting your dentist for semi-annual checkups helps maintain your oral health.

• Avoid using your teeth as tools – Using teeth as scissors or to open something can result in cracked or chipped veneers.

• Alleviate teeth grinding – Grinding can end the lifespan of your veneers. Using a nighttime mouth guard is one way to prevent your veneers from cracking.

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