How to deal with grinding your teeth

Recent studies show that approximately 25 percent of Americans are dealing with the painful and damaging effects of bruxism, or the act of grinding one’s teeth. While many cases are mild and do not require treatment, the majority of individuals who suffer from bruxism could experience relief through certain treatment options, including dental procedures, therapy, or medication.

A dentist charged with addressing severe bruxism will generally employ one of two methods: mouth guards or splints to separate the teeth, or dental procedures designed to correct improperly aligned or severely damaged teeth.

If your teeth grinding habit can’t be corrected in a dentist’s chair, your doctor may recommend moving to a therapist’s office. There you may be able to find relief from clenched jaws through stress management geared towards addressing the underlying issue that leads you to grind your teeth. Many sufferers are able to overcome the unconscious grinding by employing more appropriate and effective stress-relieving activities, such as exercise or meditation.

Additional treatments are cropping up in the form of medicines like muscle relaxants and Botox injections designed to slim the jaw muscle down and reduce the amount of pressure placed on teeth during grinding.

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