Fruits may contribute to oral damage, dental health experts say

A recent survey of 458 oral hygienists, dentists, and dental care professionals has warned about the dental problems associated with snacking on sugary fruits, The Express Tribune reported on January 20.

Four out of five dental care experts believe snacking on sugary fruits may cause enamel erosion, plaque formation, and tooth decay, while a third of them believe that snacking apples alongside chocolates and biscuits may contribute to tooth and gum damage. Nearly half of the surveyed individuals also warned about the risk of tooth and gum problems associated with drinking fruit juice.

Although some dental health experts recognize the risk of gum and dental problems when snacking on fruits, the majority of dental disorders still hinge on poor personal dental hygiene and inferior professional oral care, much of which could be mitigated through preventative dental care. In fact, the report also said a 2009 national survey conducted in the U.K. revealed 23% of the adult population only brush their teeth once every day.

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