Foods that most discolor your teeth

A set of healthy-looking teeth gives you the confidence to bring out that pleasant smile to everyone. However, many hesitate to put on that happiest, widest beam when they know that their teeth are not as white as they should be.

Among the most common causes of yellow teeth is the food and drinks that we consume. Here are some of the top foods and beverages that may cause your teeth to yellow:

  • Black tea and red wine – These beverages contain tannins, which are well-known substance stainers
  • White wine – Its acidic nature may wear down the tooth’s white enamel, which exposes the dentin’s natural yellow color
  • Sodas and colas – These beverages’ high sugar content wear down enamel, and those with carmel coloring stain teeth
  • Sugary sweets – Nibbling on too much sugar is a problem, especially because of the length of time sugar binds to teeth
  • Curries, sauces, and condiments – Due to your teeth’s porous quality, they may actually absorb the bright colors of sauces and condiments, making them more prone to discoloration

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