E-Cigarettes’ Effect on Dental Health

Since their invention in 2003, E-cigarettes have been used as an alternative to smoking and even as an aid to help quit smoking. Though these are common usages for the product, there is little scientific research surrounding e-cigarettes and in the research that does exist, they are often found to be less safe than the public has been led to believe.

A study performed at UCLA found that toxic substances and nanoparticles are present most generic e-cigarette liquids. These substances – which include silica, carbon, menthol, nicotine and various metals – were shown to damage the oral cavity’s lining and weaken its natural defenses. Furthermore, nicotine, present in most e-cigarettes, is known to contribute to tooth decay, tooth grinding, and gum disease and recession. Sores and ulcers in the mouth and oral cavity are also linked to frequent e-cigarette use.

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