Do I have Impacted Wisdom Teeth?

Almost all adults have wisdom teeth; while some people can go their whole lives without these teeth causing any issues, others can experience unpleasant symptoms when they become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth are molars at the back of the mouth that do not have enough room to develop or break through the gums.

When a person’s wisdom teeth become impacted, they can cause painful symptoms as well as damage to the other teeth and gums. This is why it is important to be aware of the common symptoms associated with impacted wisdom teeth. They include:

  • Red, swollen, or tender gums
  • Bleeding of the gums around the wisdom teeth
  • Jaw pain or swelling
  • Bad breath
  • Unpleasant taste in the mouth, especially towards the back of the mouth
  • Difficulty or pain when opening the mouth

When impacted wisdom teeth become an issue, oral surgery to remove them may be necessary. While oral surgery can be a scary thought for many individuals, the dental professionals at Dr. Sid K. Steadman D.D.S. have the experience necessary to make the process as easy as possible. If you are considering dental surgery or believe you may be suffering from impacted wisdom teeth, contact our offices today at (512) 259-3365 to learn more.