Debunking oral health myths

To this day, there are misconceptions about oral health that people still take as fact. Dr. Kenneth Bueltmann, president of the American Academy of Periodontology (AAP), said that simply knowing the truth about proper oral care and taking simple steps to implement a proper dental hygiene regimen can drastically reduce the chances of tooth decay and several other oral-related problems.

Some of these common oral health misconceptions, according to AAP, are:

  • Bleeding gums are normal. This is actually a sign of gum disease.
  • Bad breath is caused by bad oral hygiene. Sometimes, but there are also cases in which bad breath is caused by bacteria that produce unstable sulfur compounds.
  • Pregnant women should skip dental checkups. Quite the opposite. Infections during pregnancy may increase the chance of premature birth.
  • Oral health does not affect one’s overall health. Bacterial byproducts can actually enter the blood stream via the gums, eventually affecting major organs and causing other illnesses.
  • The main reason for brushing is to remove food remains. It actually minimizes plaque formation, which irritates gums and leads to periodontal diseases.

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