Day to day causes of tooth damage

We use our mouth and teeth much often than we think about during the day. We eat, chew, and take in substances that could potentially harm our oral cavities. By senior age, most people will have lost most of their teeth. However, people can minimize this harm buy getting rid of some poor habits and putting some thought towards the substances they consume.

  • Sugar – Acid-producing bacteria are fond of sugar, and they can erode tooth enamel. Avoid sticky foods such as gelatinous candies and starchy items.
  • Soda – Soft drinks are acidic, even if the can says “sugar-free” or “zero calories”.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol dries out the mouth and reduces saliva production.
  • Cigar/tobacco – Nicotine yellows teeth and can cause oral cancer.
  • Medications – Pain relievers and anti-allergens can also dry the mouth.

Other habits that can harm teeth include biting hard items like ice, bottle caps, etc.

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