Research Shows Good Dental Hygiene Can Prevent Pneumonia

A study from Michelle Doll, M.D., of Virginia Commonwealth University, suggests that regular dental checkups can significantly reduce the risk of contracting bacterial pneumonia. Furthermore, research shows that individuals who forgo their biannual dental appointments have twice the risk of pneumonia as those who go twice a year. According to Doll, the connection between bacterial […]

How Good Oral Health Can Help Prevent and Manage Diabetes

According to medical professionals, there is an often overlooked link between oral health care and diabetes. Diabetes—a disease wherein the body’s blood glucose levels are too high—can increase the risk of contracting gum disease. This happens because a diabetes diagnosis generally means one is taking in a high level of sugar and the excess glucose […]

How to lengthen the lifespan of dental veneers

Dental veneers are perfect for people who want to restore the physical appearance of their teeth. It is made of a thin porcelain material that covers decay, stains, or an uneven bite. Although veneers are made of cemented dental materials, they are also prone to damages if you do not know how to properly take […]

How often should we brush our teeth?

Brushing our teeth is one of the mindless activities we do every day. We usually don’t take time to do it and sometimes we do it mindlessly. The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends brushing your teeth at least twice a day. Most likely, you can give your mouth a brief scrub before going to work and a […]

Tips to maintain a healthy and beautiful smile

Good oral health has a lot of physical benefits. Because it boosts your confidence, a healthy smile can also improve your career and relationships. Here are some helpful tips you can take to promote a great oral hygiene: Regular check-ups with your dentist: visiting your dentist at least twice a year helps keep your mouth healthy […]

Day to day causes of tooth damage

We use our mouth and teeth much often than we think about during the day. We eat, chew, and take in substances that could potentially harm our oral cavities. By senior age, most people will have lost most of their teeth. However, people can minimize this harm buy getting rid of some poor habits and putting some […]

Protecting Your Teeth During the Winter

Many people aren’t aware of the winter’s proclivity to make teeth more sensitive than they would be in warmer weather. While there is no stopping colder weather from coming and bringing anywhere from mild to severe oral discomfort along with it, there are precautionary measures that you can take to combat the pangs of irritation […]

How to Minimize Tooth Decays

When it comes to tooth problems, perhaps the most prevalent is tooth decay. Even those who have a full regimen of basic dental practices are not guaranteed decay-free teeth. With this in mind, the severity of such damage can always be minimized when you perform proper health care. Essentials Habits to prevent tooth cavities: Make […]

Prescribed Fluoride Intake

What is Fluoride? As a simple definition, it is a natural mineral found in the earth’s crust and normally found in foods and water supplies. Most sources of fluoride intake at this time come from dental products like toothpaste, mouthwash, fluoride gels, among others. Some facts about fluoride products are: Toothpaste—over 95% now contain fluoride. […]

Dental Board Hearings focus on Anesthetic guidelines

The State Board of Dental Examiners began hearings Monday, September 12, according to KXAN. They are discussing the development of guidelines for dentists administering anesthesia to patients. Furthermore, recent deaths and medical emergencies involving patients under anesthesia are under investigation by the board. The proposed changes must be sent to lawmakers in January of next year. One of the plans […]

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