Are Citrus Foods bad for my Teeth?

Although citrus fruits do offer certain health benefits, such as providing an ample amount of vitamin C, they are not the best foods for our teeth. Fruits such as lemons and grapefruit have been shown in studies to damage teeth over time due to their high content of citric acid. The citric acid present in some fruits – and even drinks such as orange juice – can cause damage to teeth by:

  • Eroding enamel over time
  • Leaving teeth vulnerable to plaque buildup
  • Increasing the likelihood of cavities forming

These are only some of the ways in which acidic foods and drinks can damage the overall health of our teeth. Often, these acidic foods can damage teeth so immensely that individuals need dental treatment to halt or reverse tooth decay. At the offices of Dr. Sid K. Steadman D.D.S., we offer services to restore the health of your teeth and give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Call our Leander offices today at (512) 259-3365 to learn more from one of our dental experts.