An App for Better Oral Health

A new app for iOS and Android smartphones is making the news, hoping to improve the oral health of anyone who uses it.

Combining smartphone technology with Bluetooth-equipped toothbrushes, the Oral B app times users and prompts them to brush different areas of the mouth. The app syncs with the pressure sensors of the toothbrush, and lets users know if they are actually brushing too hard. Also, for those who are particularly social, users can share their brushing accomplishments with others.

Because brushing teeth is sometimes too boring for people to spend the recommended 2 full minutes, the app delivers news for that day to pass the time more quickly for users.

The current model, the 5000 model brush, is available for $159, but a new model, the 7000, will be available in around six weeks and will cost users $219.

Of course, though “there’s an app for that,” the best way to ensure a healthy mouth is to visit your local Austin dentist regularly. The dentists at Dr. Sid K. Steadman D.D.S. provide the best in preventative oral care and treatment, to maintain your healthiest smile yet. Providing both adult and pediatric care, our office is friendly for the whole family. Speak with us today to schedule an appointment by calling (512) 259-3365.